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What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a crucial process for improving your site’s search engine ranking through search engine optimization. By identifying what is missing from your site and which elements affect your ranking, you can make informed decisions to enhance your SEO performance based on the audit report.

Benefits of an SEO Audit

Here are some of the most common benefits you can expect from an in-depth SEO audit analysis provided by SISO:

  1. Improved traffic
  2. Increased return on investment (ROI)
  3. Better conversion rates
  4. Enhanced visibility and brand awareness
  5. Improved customer engagement
  6. Better user experience (UX)
  7. Reduced marketing costs
  8. Faster site speed
  9. Increased traffic from organic search results

SEO audit service

A comprehensive SEO audit examines various aspects of a site to determine their impact on SEO, including site load speed, overall functionality, and the appeal of the content.
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On-Page SEO refers to the elements on your website's pages that influence your site's organic traffic. This includes website content, internal links, meta tags (titles and descriptions), headings, and the overall structure of each web page.
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Off-Page optimization focuses on factors outside of your website. This includes elements such as the backlink profile, invalid or broken links, and website authority. The audit also provides insights into competitor performance and how their site rankings compare to yours.
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Technical SEO
A technical SEO audit examines every element of your site (architecture, rendering, interpretation, indexing, security) that affects its performance and responsiveness. Building a faster, easily indexable, and search-engine-friendly website is the cornerstone of technical SEO optimization.

How Do We Work?

Our team of SEO experts continually monitors your site and makes adjustments to ensure you outperform your competitors.
We understand that SEO can be complex, so we create a straightforward plan. Our SEO audit provides an overview of your site's current state and insights into your competition. We'll analyze your site's structure and architecture, identifying errors and suggesting improvements.
We check your SEO from head to toe to make sure your site content is in line with your marketing goals. We also look at things like link speed and non-functioning links, internal links, metatags and more. Finally, we look at mobile performance to keep your site's ranking high on Google.
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We provide more than just a list of issues and an invoice. Our comprehensive search audit explains the causes of poor performance and details what needs fixing and why. This includes HTML tags, meta descriptions, broken links, internal links, external links, and header hierarchy.
Our SEO experts utilize a proprietary tool to check your site's SEO and continuously seek improvements. Our report specifies the expected improvements and timelines. From minor tweaks to major enhancements, we implement them on time and within budget.

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